Important News

Please be aware, there are a small number of antenna businesses that claim to be qualified and local, and they are not!

There is a recent trend whereby you can spend a large amount of money on very cleaver internet advertising and manipulate the search results to show a company is local, when it is not.

Below is an example of a capital city based company, which employs no local installers, and the charges were exorbitant!

These pictures were taken from a home in Burnside where I was asked by a builder's offsider (working in the same street as the home below) to pop in and have a look at work that had been done at this home as the owners were very disappointed with the result.

This is what I found!

There was more than enough room in the ceiling to put the TV wall outlet behind the TV, but they didn't!

Squashed power lead behind the wall outlet. Dangerous? I'll let you decide...

No wall plate clip, just 2 weak screws into the plasterboard which pulled out as soon as you removed the cable!

What is just as frustrating, is that it would not have take any more time with the correct equipment (ie. An extension drill bit for wall cavity work), to have mounted these wall plates behind the respective TV's, and not made such a mess.

We were able to rectify the cabling and outlet positions to behind the TV's, and for now fit blank wall plates over the previously made holes, until such time as the owner has the holes patched and painted.

Unfortunately, the owner was that distraught, that she did not want any further dealings with the business in question, and so we took the matter no further. Please be careful!