Welcome to Simply Antennas

Our aim is to make the electronic age of TV viewing simple for you!

From TV antenna repairs and maintenance through to the whole new world of Smart TV's, data and communication, we are here to help.

One of the main services we can provide to you is normal every day household TV Antenna repairs. This can take shape in many forms such as 'No Signal' displayed on the TV screen, right through to a storm damaged antenna systems. We can add extra TV outlets too!

In the current world of communication and data, we can simply add additional data outlets throughout your home or office, right through to major home automation cabling.

With so many hills and valleys in the Sunshine Coast region, there are plenty of locations were normal local TV reception via a TV antenna is just not possible. These areas are service by a Satellite TV System known as VAST. Area's such as the Obi Obi Valley, Mapleton, Cooloolabin are but just to name a few! We are qualified to install, service, and repair these VAST systems.